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Paul Scherrer Institut
5232 Villigen PSI, Schweiz/Switzerland
Tel. +41 56 310 21 11
Fax. +41 56 310 21 99

E-Mail: gems2.support@psi.ch

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GEM-Selektor v.3 HTTP Download Page

Your GEMS3.4.x GEM-Selektor package download registration form has been submitted successfully. 

 For more information about installing GEM-Selektor on various operation systems, please download the Installation instructions (pdf) or check the Technical Info page.

Please, use an appropriate direct link below to download the actual revision of the package (to save the installer archive file to disk):

GEMS3.4.5 for Windows-64 GEMS3.4.5 for MacOS GEMS3.4.5 for Ubuntu Linux-64 with Qt5 in system GEMS3.4.5 for Ubuntu Linux-64 without Qt5 in system

Attention! There is a lot of improved functionality in GEM-Selektor v.3.3 or higher compared with v.3.2. For backward compatibility, all modelling projects created in GEM-Selektor v.3.2.x or earlier, will open and work normally in GEM-Selektor v.3.3.x; accordingly, GEMS3K I/O files exported from GEM-Selektor v.3.2.x are readable and will work in coupled codes and examples using GEMS3K v.3.3.x.

Immediate extension of old modeling projects in GEM-Selektor v.3.3.x with newly created Phase records, remaking existing Phase records, or via Project remake/extension wizard is possible. Before doing that, the user needs only once to open the project; switch to Database Mode; open the Phase window; and remake one-by-one all Phase records available in the project (saving each record back after remake).

Note that if some Phase records remain in the "old" format (i.e. not remade) then this will lead to errors or crashes during calculations of equilibria in systems from this project. So, it is essential that ALL Phase records go once through the Phase remake wizard! Even opening and closing a modeling project once in the GEM-Selektor v.3.3.x will render this project unusable in earlier versions of GEM-Selektor (3.2.x or less).

For these reasons, if you have used GEM-Selektor v.3.2.x or earlier, we recommend not to upgrade it, but to install GEM-Selektor v.3.3.x to a new location in your PC, check it, and then copy your old modelling projects into the work project directory of the new version (usually like \MyGEMS33\Library\Gems3\projects).

Previously released GEM-Selektor v.3.4.4 packages can be downloaded using the links below.

Gems3.4.4 for Windows.         Gems3.4.4  for MacOS.         Gems3.4.4 for Ubuntu linux.

Attention! If, in Windows or Linux, you have a previously installed GEM-Selektor package older than rev. 2370.830, then we recommend installing the current package to a different location and copy your modeling projects over. There are two reasons: (i) some files in /Resources/DB.default have been renamed in preparation of an updated PSI-Nagra thermodynamic database; (ii) the Project record format has been extended, so a newly created or expanded project will not be readable by earlier  revisions of GEM-Selektor. In Mac OS X, first back up your project directory (/users/<home>/Library/Gems3/projects); then move Gems3.app from /Applications to trash, and put a new one from dmg to /Applications.

Past release of GEM-Selektor v.3.2 packages can be downloaded using the links below.

gems3.2-2554.952 for win32gems3.2-2554.952 for MacOS.   gems3.2-2554.952 for Linux-64.   gems3.2 2530.930 for Linux-32.

After downloading the installation file, you can get back to GEMS3 home page.

For users of GEM-Selektor v.2 (or earlier release candidates of GEMS3):

GEM IPM numerical controls in GEMS3 are not compatible with those in GEMS2. Hence, any old modeling project must be opened once in a 'Remake' mode to reset the numerical controls (correct results are not guaranteed otherwise!). To do so:

  • start GEMS3, and click on the 'Computation of Equilibria' button in the upper left corner;
  • in the appearing dialog, turn on the 'Activate Project Remake Wizard' checkbox; select the project in the list of modeling projects, and click 'Open Project'.
  • In the appearing 'Step 1 ...' page of the Project Wizard, 'Change pre-configured GEM IPM numerical controls' to 'Restore normal (standard) variant for fast convergence' or another suitable choice, and click 'Next >' twice.

The new settings will be saved in the project record, so there will be no need to repeat this procedure when this project is opened next time.

Last updated:  07. 01. 2019

Copyright (c) 2003-2019  GEMS Development Team