Gibbs Energy Minimization Software for Geochemical Modeling

See presentation (pdf). Why GEM-Selektor and GEM Software? See an overview.

Currently, GEM Software includes three code packages and a default thermodynamic database:  

GEM software is distributed "as is" in its present state of development by the Laboratory for Waste Management (LES) of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) with two purposes: 

Permission to download and use GEM Software is hereby granted free of charge for educational and academic research purposes, subject to acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Use. In particular, in any publication of your results obtained using GEM-Selektor or GEMS3K codes, please, cite this web page URL  ( and the following papers:

GEM Software is always under development (as indicated in the Newsticker). According to Google Scholar, it has been cited in more than 1500 publications. 

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