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Paul Scherrer Institut PSI GEM Software (GEMS) Home

Paul Scherrer Institut
5232 Villigen PSI, Schweiz/Switzerland
Tel. +41 56 310 21 11
Fax. +41 56 310 21 99

E-Mail: gems2.support@psi.ch

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GEM-Selektor v.3 on-line documentation

Attention: To read or print PDF files, you will need Adobe Reader (or any equivalent program) installed on your PC.

Some of the following files are also located in Gems3-app/doc/pdf subfolder of your installed GEM-Selektor folder.

1. Unpublished PSI Technical Report TM-44-03-04 about the GEMS version of Nagra/PSI chemical thermodynamic database 01/01 (in 2017, updated to PSI/Nagra 12/07 version). 

Download:   TM-44-03-04 (web version)

2. Description of built-in temperature and pressure corrections calculated in the GEM-Selektor code from data in DComp records .

Download:   T-Corrections.pdf     P-Corrections.pdf   

3. Description of built-in temperature corrections calculated in the GEM-Selektor code from data in ReacDC records.

Download:   T-Corrections-Reac.pdf  

4. Description of built-in calculation of activity coefficients for aqueous species and solid-solution end-members (with setup codes in Phase records).

Download:   Activity-Coeffs.pdf  

5. Description of built-in calculation of activity coefficients and configurational terms for multi-site (sublattice) solid solution models.

Download:   Multisite-Mixmods.pdf  

6. Description of setups and built-in calculations related to GEM SCMs (surface complexation models) Will be updated soon with ClaySor model for sorption of cations on clay minerals and clay rocks.

Download:  SCM-Corrections.pdf  

7. A third-party contribution by S.V.Churakov: Description of built-in temperature, pressure and composition corrections of molar thermodynamic properties of non-electrolyte fluids and their mixtures.

Download:  Tpx-Corrections-CG-EoS.pdf  

8. A short article describing how the chemical equilibrium partitioning can be efficiently modelled with GEM-Selektor code, with special reference to two solid-solution aqueous solution systems relevant to nuclear waste disposal, as well as the status and the perspectives of development of the GEMS.

Download:  GEMS-PSI-paper-2004.pdf 

9. A progress report describing how mineral-water reaction kinetics (with trace element uptake kinetics) can be modelled with GEM-Selektor code.

Download:  Kinetics-Uptake.pdf 

More documents may be added here!

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