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Paul Scherrer Institut
5232 Villigen PSI, Schweiz/Switzerland
Tel. +41 56 310 21 11
Fax. +41 56 310 21 99

E-Mail: gems2.support@psi.ch

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GEMS3K is a standalone numerical kernel of the GEM-Selektor v.3 package for geochemical modeling. 

The GEMS3 package is distributed open-source under Lesser GPL v.3 license, free of charge to developers of coupled codes affiliated to non-profit educational and research institutions, for educational and research purposes only, subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use of GEM Software.

The currently available trunk variant of GEMS3K source code is provided for implementation of various reactive-mass-transport and other coupled codes, where massive, chemically plausible computations of local/partial equilibrium states are necessary, including HPC codes.

GEMS3K runs under Windows, Mac OSX and Linux desktop PCs, as well as on various parallel architectures. See the GEMS3K Technical Info page for the IT-related technical information and for the installation instructions.

We would appreciate a non-compulsory registration of your name, affiliation, e-mail,  as well as OS and area of potential applications. This will make it possible for us to let you know about new releases, improved functionality, and added benchmark tests. Your information will not be disclosed to third parties.

Currently available version of GEMS3K is 3.4.2, compatible with GEM-Selektor v.3.4.2.

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