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Paul Scherrer Institut PSI GEM Software (GEMS) Home

Paul Scherrer Institut
5232 Villigen PSI, Schweiz/Switzerland
Tel. +41 56 310 21 11
Fax. +41 56 310 21 99

E-Mail: gems2.support@psi.ch

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Download GEM Software as binaries or build it from source code

This download page is still under construction!

GEM Software (GEMS) is a collection of free code packages and databases for thermodynamic modelling of aquatic (geo)chemical systems.

GEMS  is distributed free of charge to registered users affiliated to non-profit educational and research institutions, for educational and research purposes only, subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Use of GEMS in any lucrative commercial activity (i.e. not education or research) such as production or trade requires a written agreement with the vendor (Paul Scherrer Institute).

The currently available trunk variant of GEMS  is provided without source code, in the form of an executable program with built-in thermodynamic database and help database. The source code is publicly available here and here. Starting from version 3.6.0, the source code of GEMS3GUI part is made available under the GPL v.3 license. The source code of GEMS3K kernel is available under LGPL v.3 license, as before.

GEMS runs under Windows, Mac OSX and Linux desktop PCs.

We would appreciate a non-compulsory registration of your name, affiliation, and e-mail,  as well as OS and area of potential applications. This information is collected for statistical purposes only and will never be shared with third parties.

Click here to register and download GEM Software binary packages

Currently available binaries: GEM-Selektor v.3.7.0 rev. b053eed.fdcdd2b (improved GEM convergence and speed, automatic compression of sublattice Berman and CEF solid solution models, improved Process wizard for SFTR mode, various minor bugfixes).

Attention: Starting from version 3.6.0, GEM-Selektor GUI (Graphical User Interface) source code is available under GPL v.3 license. People who are not afraid of computing (especially those working on Linux systems) can download git repositories from https://bitbucket.org/gems4  and build them as described in Readme.md file of GEMS3GUI. To download the latest (trunk) version of the GEMS3GUI source code under GPL v.3 license, open your web browser and navigate to https://bitbucket.org/gems4/gems3gui. Follow the instructions in Readme.md file there (you need to have Git installed).

Enjoy GEMS!

Last updated:  17. 06. 2021

Copyright (c) 2003-2021  GEMS Development Team.